Students at ecc

It our mission at ECC to love God and serve other by creating environments where the gospel is shared with youth of the valley.  It is our hope and prayer to see youth come to faith in Christ and grow deeper in relationship with Him.

Wednesday's: 6-7:30 PM

We have other events that occur throughout the year however, we meet consistently every Wednesday.  Each night generally looks like this:

6-6:10: TBD

6:15-7: TBD

7:10-7:30: TBD

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It is our goal to create an environment at youth group that honors God, is fun, and as safe as possible.  Therefore we have a list of expectations we have gone over with youth that we hold them accountable  to during each of our events.  You can view the document here that details what that looks like.

We strongly encourage you as parents to spend time with your child in Gods word as a family.  Each week we give the youth something to go over with you as a family.  Spending quality time with our kids is never something that is bad, but is always rewarding.