Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests are shared with our prayer team & pastors and with anyone on the prayer chain.  Please mark your prayers as 'CONFIDENTIAL' if you don't want them shared with everyone.  

Active Prayer Requests

People need prayer and it is our calling to pray for one another as Christians.  Below is a list of prayer requests made by people in our church.  Take a moment to stop and pray.


My niece Kerrigan Caesar has contradicted the COVID 19 virus. She lives in Annapolis, Md. We aren’t sure how severe her illness is at this point. Please pray she will get the necessary medical treatment and for a good recovery.


My dear friend Biilie Hammond's husband, Hank, passed away yesterday. Prayers, please, for Billie and her family during this difficult time.


Please add more prayer for me as they have found a wrist fracture in my right wrist from the accident


Eric, I finally watched last weeks sermon. This past week at cwh and major ups and downs. He had major pain from the surgery and his bowels were asleep. (their term). I was able to see him Tuesday for a lesson. I gave up my spot so the owner of the house could take her lesson with the nurse. I went Thursday. The all knew I was there mostly to be with Richard. Tuesday and Thursday his pain was significant (7/10). the meds to help were also constipating. (rock and hard place ). Friday, I finally saw a bit of a turn around pain wise. We had a huge disaster at the house Friday afternoon. I managed to not get upset. didn t want to get mom more upset. It all worked out, thanks to youtube. Saturday, Nurse Tiffany called me and said Richard wanted to see me. She got special permission for me to just visit. What an angel she is. He finally pooped albeit very little, but it showed moving forward. His pain was down to a 4/10. we had a very nice visit for 2 hours. when clock came up on 2 pm he motioned, it was time for me to leave. what a clock watcher. I get to see him this afternoon. I am bringing some pictures and words on 3x5 cards. always trying to move forward. Finally, prayer request. whatever you feel. thank you for all you do and all your love.


Prayer for my healing after my wreck on Friday. My body feels a bit stiff and sore,many small bruises on my legs but mostly my emotions are a mess thing about what I did.I just cant believe it. There has been much happiness though from it and that is what I have to think about not the bad. Praise the lord

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