Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests are shared with our prayer team & pastors and with anyone on the prayer chain.  Please mark your prayers as 'CONFIDENTIAL' if you don't want them shared with everyone.  

Active Prayer Requests

People need prayer and it is our calling to pray for one another as Christians.  Below is a list of prayer requests made by people in our church.  Take a moment to stop and pray.


Ron’s back surgery is tomorrow. He will have broken rods repaired and more bone grafts. Please pray for safe and successful surgery which relieves his pain. Thank you all for your prayers.


We have a final diagnosis for Ron’s problems. He has a condition which falls into the Parkinsonism family, but does not respond specifically to Parkinson drugs usually. We will be working with the neurology team land providing a safer home environment and mobility. We feel confident we can walk day by day with the Lord and trust Him. Thank you for your prayers.


Please please please pray for me. I'm pregnant and got a deadly disease diagnosed. Maybe god has word for me.


Please pray for Pat and her sister Donna. The family has made the difficult decision to let her pass. They are taking her off all but pain medication and letting her go to her Maker. Ask for God’s comfort as they go through this sad time.


Praise’. My back surgery is scheduled for October 26th!! Prayer request: this is the week (Wed) for my brain scan and some answers to my leg problems. Thank you all for praying. We hope to see Dr. Tornebene this week for a diagnosis.

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