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If you are new to our church and have children that are attending Sunday School upstairs, there are several things you need to know that should help make your experience a positive and memorable one.  Our hope and prayer for ministry is that every child would come to a life long faith in Christ.  In order to create an environment to foster this, our philosophy for ministry is that Sunday School is not a program, but teaches about what a relationship with Christ is and that it is something they can experience.  This can't be accomplished in just one hour per week.  The real ministry is done every day at home.  We want to support you and equip you as the parent, grandparent, family member, or guardian of your child to spend intentional time together as a family in Gods word and in His presence.  Go to the Resource Page to find out more of what that looks like.

What types of classes do you offer?

We offer Sunday School classes and child care for ages 0-5th grade.  Our nursery is intentionally designed for children ages 0-2.  We have a class for pre-K to K; 1-2nd grade; 3-5th grade.  Each class has there own teacher and helper who will show Christ's love to your child and provide a positive environment for the duration of the class.

What do I do when I get here?

We take the safety of your child seriously here and want to provide a secure environment for your children.  Therefore when you drop off your children for Nursery or Sunday School you will need to check them in at our check-in kiosk by the stairs to the left of the restroom or enter through the side doors where the Level Up sign is.   When you check in you will receive a slip that has a barcode and certain number/letter sequence that is unique to your child's name tag.  The name tags are stickers! When you come to check out your children, bring this slip with you and we will check them out of our system.  No matter when you arrive, if you plan on checking your child into Nursery or Sunday school you will need to do so through our system.  Once you drop off your children, you can get some coffee in the coffee/tea room or just hangout and get to know people.  You may pick up your child at anytime from class until the end of service.  At the end of service, please check-out your child as soon as possible.  

Can I come up and see what my child does during Sunday School?

You are welcome to come upstairs to drop-off your kids for class and check out what we do, however, we encourage you to take this chance to go to service and get filled with Gods word and some fellowship while your children are cared for. 

What if I want to keep my child with me in the adult service?

You are more than welcome to keep your children with you in the service.  It is up to you.  Children, parents, and/or guardians are never required to take your children anywhere you don't want them to be.  So, from babies on up all children are welcome in our main adult service. 

What is Sunday School like? 

Children at Level Up Sunday School experience a worship service that is similar to parents and adults.  There is musical worship, prayer, a sermon from Gods word, tithing, and reflection.  We also lead the children through the sacraments of communion.  

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