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Church membership is different than belonging to a church community.  Our type of non-profit organization is required by law that we have members to vote on various things.  Primarily for the purpose of electing board members to our organization.  Being a member gives you the privilege of doing this and possibly becoming a board member yourself if you feel called to serve in our church this way (and if you get voted in).  There is no special status you gain with membership at our church or in our denomination; it simply is a way to create organization in the church as a registered non-profit business.

There are requirements for membership.  We don't just make anyone who walks in off the street a member.  We ask that you are 1) a professing and acting Christian & 2) come to a membership class to understand what our church believes and what it means to be a part of a Free Methodist Church.  The benefit to any individual who is interested in becoming a member is the chance to connect with the pastor of our church, to deepen your understanding of theology, and for us here to get to know you better.  

We have an annual 'Society Meeting' (in November) once per year where we go over our finances as a church to inform you where we are at financially.  Additionally, we ask you to finalize your vote for new board members or anything else that requires voting.  The process of electing new board members also means you get to nominate another member of our church to become a board member.  

If you are interested in becoming a member of our church and would like to attend the class, fill out the form below and click submit.

Class date and times are listed on our home page or events calendar!

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